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Birthdate:Oct 25
Location:United States of America
Hello, internet peoples. I am Kat, but you can call me whatever you want. Kat is how I’ll introduce myself to anyone I meet. My close friends call me Katie, a few people call me Kate, and I’m okay with those ones, too. If you call me Kaitlin (my fancy name), it means you don’t know me too well. If you call me anything else, I'll judge it based on its level of creativity.

I have a problem with obsession. Movies, books, theater, music…all huge parts of my life. My favorite out of all of them has to be film, because it combines all the aspects of the others into one huge clusterfuck of awesome. I’m a person who likes to define herself by her favorites.

I’m a "Christian", and try to live up to that name when I can, but I'll admit that I'm caught firmly between religions and will believe anything that makes sense. If you need help, no matter what beliefs you hold, I believe in being there to help you in any way I can. So if you need a hand, prepare for a bloody, scar-covered, six-fingered hand reaching for you out of the abyss. I'm there for you, chiquiquitas.

I enjoy seafood and chocolate, not necessarily together, but both are quite nice. I could eat eel every day of my life. Snapple Peach Tea is like crack for me; buy me a bottle, and you have bought my attention for the rest of my life.

Cosplaying used to be one of my many hobbies, but honestly, I’ll probably only be doing certain blonde bombshell characters for the rest of my life. This stems from the slightly irrational belief that I am a legitimate blonde bombshell. Harley Quinn is my spirit animal.

(…oh, and I have a deep-seated obsession with a certain Mr. J. I love clowns because I was scared of clowns. Hell, I still am, to a fine-tuned point. I used to carry around a deck of cards or a pencil in my purse at all times, just in case he might show up and need some for a “magic trick”. Also mentionable is my love for an unquestionably sexy Norse god, a psychiatrist with amazing culinary taste, a Goblin King, a consulting criminal, a fairytale nightmare, and a trigger-happy pirate from Rook. Oh, and my boyfriend. I love him very, very much, too. <3)
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